TL Candles is a small natural soy wax candle manufactory based in the lively and dynamic city of Riga, Latvia, but with deep roots in Ventspils – the windy coastal city in western Latvia where Tereza, the curator and author of TL candles, spent her childhood roaming the rocky beaches and forest greenery.

Her hometown inspired two of our candle collections: SILVA (the forest) and MARE (the sea) that brings these beautiful natural elements and scents into 21st-century living space.

Prior to candle making Tereza worked in real estate, where she learned that no matter the scale of the project, sometimes space can feel empty and cold unless there’s the charming flickering of a candle.

We offer 100% hand-poured candles with a sophisticated blend of nature and luxury, made from eco-friendly soy wax, which burns with a clean and beautiful flame. We truly believe that candles help aligning the mind, body, and soul, connecting modern people with mother nature and the spiritual bond with the natural scent the world was created with.

All materials used to produce our candles are in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006