Flax fiber soap pouch


Flax has so many good qualities that it would be weird if people who prefer to buy healthy products wouldn’t choose products made out of flax. Flax fiber has antiseptic and antibacterial effect, provided by natural phenol compounds.

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Flax neutralizes toxins that are secreted through the skin and can helps to eliminate sweat odor, besides, flax fiber protects from allergic reactions. This is why our newest product – soap pouch – is made from these valuable flax fiber threads. Now you can put the soap in a special crochet pouch made from natural and skin-friendly material. Soap pouch is a unique natural product, because combined with the soap it simultaneously cleans and tones skin, similarly to a scrub. Tightly twined flax threads will remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin’s rejuvenation processes – skin will become smoother, softer and suppler, this way giving you younger and healthier look.

Put in the flax thread pouch, soap will get massaged into the skin better, helping absorb minerals and vitamins that our goat milk soaps contain.

Soap pouch will be useful and practical tool for washing and spa rituals. When put in the pouch, soap lasts longer. Flax fibers are very durable; they wear out very slowly and treated by moisture durability only increases.

Instruction for use:

  • – Put soap in the pouch, wet it and use as you would a regular sponge.
  • – After each use, take the soap out and hang the pouch so it can dry completely. This will also help the soap to last longer.
  • – Once a month wash the pouch in 40 C