Mystery Box Set "Spring Feeling"

Category Gift Sets

TL Candles has created 4 mystery boxes - one for each season.

Choose the Spring Feeling mystery box - in it you will find 4 different soy wax candles, that, in our opinion, represent the spring the best.

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A Mystery Box Set "Spring Feeling" is a curated gift set from TL Candles, which contains a selection of our best-selling soy wax candles that we believe capture the essence of spring. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, each box is a surprise and contains four different scents.

Bring into your home a fresh spring breeze with a special selection of soy wax candles. Each candle's aroma will create a different mood. In your mind's eye you’ll see and smell new grass gently swaying in the wind warmed by the sun, hear leaf buds popping open, and feel the world around you blooming with sweet aromas everywhere, just like these candles.

Set contains 4 pillar candles.

Volume - 325 ml

Diameter – 80 mm

Height – 55 mm

Burn time – 25 h