Candle Making Masterclass for Kids and Parents for Five Persons

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Masterclass for kids (starting age 3) and parents, for 5 persons.

Masterclasses take place at our workshop.

Masterclass can also be organized in kindergarten and at schools. 

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Each and everyone of us have occasions and moments that we want to share with those dear to us. We give gifts and make beautiful speeches, but nothing is more memorable than creating joy together. And what, in this hurried life, can be more wonderful and joyous than coming together and spending time with your loved ones? Our masterclasses are created  just for that - to have a lovely time being together and to create not only beautiful memories, but also unique natural soy wax candles. 

In the masterclass you’ll be able to make candles - fill them with happy thoughts, good wishes and laughter, so once lit - candles will shine extra bright. They are a great way to express your creativity and maybe even learn something new about yourself.

Soy wax is a great material for candle making and will comply even with the most “unskilled”  new crafters. You’ll be able to choose the fragrance that speaks to you and let your imagination run wild while decorating the candles with natural decors.

We offer masterclasses for meditative and artistic BIRTHDAY and NAME DAY celebrations, for KIDS to get an exciting new crafting experience, for BACHELORETTE and BACHELOR parties, candle making RITUAL for WEDDINGS, as well as masterclasses for FAMILY and FRIEND gatherings.

We provide all the necessary materials. All you have to take with you is good mood, happy thoughts and inspiration.

Each masterclass can be personalized.