Soy Wax Candle with Forest Scent -XL - Mint Green

Category SILVA

V - 525 ml

Ø – 80 mm

H – 80 mm

Burn time – 45 h

Ingredients: natural soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, moss, leaves, reed-grass and other natural decors, essential oils

Fragrance: white fir and cedar

Fragrance notes: birch, pine

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Light this candle, close your eyes and take a deep breath...and you get transported to a Latvian forest. On your way there you will be engulfed by a thousand little nuances of the refreshing forest scent.

You will feel like there are junipers right next to you and heather bushes under your feet, birches will call to you to abandon the path and walk on deeper and forget about everything except for tree bark you touch as you walk on and feel like you have found the heartbeat of the nature…

Candle is decorated with rich offerings of Latvian nature – moss, juniper, reed-grass, heather - arranged to portray a little corner of a forest you want to get lost in.