Soy Wax Candle with Light Vanilla Scent - XL

Category SILVA

V - 450 ml

Ø – 80 mm

H – 80 mm

Burn time – 45 h

Ingredients: soy wax, lead-free cotton wick, natural decors 

Fragrance: Vanilla

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Summer evening and the scorching sun is finally letting up and you feel a refreshing breeze coming from the sea and all you want to do is lay back and enjoy the moment and watch the setting sun.

Vannila's scent is a harmonious blend of sweetness and warmth, intatntly invoking a sense of cosziness and familiarity. It's the olfactory equivalent of a warm hug or freshly baked treat, making it a favorite in kitchens and living spaces around the globe.

Candle is decorated with oringe and lime slices.